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How It Works


Moor-King because of its mechanical principles is superior to any other boat mooring system or yacht mooring system on the market. It applies to "Pleasure" boats and yachts from 18 to 85 feet.

To give your minds eye a better picture, it operates with a "positive standoff" principle rather than a flex or fishing rod principle. It’s as if you are sitting on your dock or seawall with both legs extended parallel and straight out over the water. Your legs are internally spring-loaded. One spring compresses into the dock and the 2nd spring resists motion [away] from the dock. This prevents the boat or yacht from "twisting". No other system has this advantage. Basically all you need to moor your boat, as lines are your "spring-lines" (to prevent the fore and aft motion). Other systems require bow lines, stern lines, breast lines and on larger craft, outside support.

The arms are all "hi-grade" stainless steel including the internal springs. The shoulder spring is a 17-7 grade, which is the finest available, to maintain a product of the finest quality in marine equipment or marine hardware.

Moor King yacht mooring systems, is shipped, (mostly in pairs) each arm is in two sections. Think of a "bazooka" bolting to your dock. This section includes the "shoulder" spring which operates just like your shoulder and has coils about as thick as your fingers.

The "outer portion" represents from your elbow to your finger tips, with the internal springs included and a line coming out of the tip of each arm. The "outer portion" is loaded into the bazooka and can be "telescoped" from six feet into a couple of feet. The optimum on all sizes will keep the craft far enough off so that it can't make contact, even in windy conditions and rough water. However, people can step on and off at optimum length and correct setting, which is easily changeable.

The overall motion of the boat in and away from the dock is approximately one and one half feet. This maintains a comfortable step-on feature.

When the craft pitches and rolls the moor-kings move with the action of the boat. When not in use the arms automatically come up out of the way and only stand four or five feet high. There is nothing to get "hung-up” in your rigging and there entire system is impervious to the weather. When you come in you simply attach one arm toward the stern and the forward arm forward of amidships.

Below are sample videos of the Moor King mooring system in use.

Video #1

Video #2 Small Boats
Video #3 Large Boats

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